NT Modem Cluster - Modem cluster is a device used to transmit data remotely through a wireless connection point to multipoint, data transmission media associated with radio UHF / VHF.


We are proud to introduce the profile of PT. Nathan Telemetry Nusantara. PT NTN is a company that will continue to develop themselves, and as a manufacturer of control and monitoring equipment with telemetry system, which is a work product of the nation of Indonesia. With quality equipment has been tested on site and laboratory capacity to test. With the support of our expert system as a micro controller, software and hardware. We also have a commitment that we will always provide the latest technological breakthrough innovation with a after-sale services hardware installed on a continuous basis. (more)

PT. Nathan Telemetry Nusantara focus on making automation tools for supervisory control and monitoring with telemetry technology include:

  Measuring Water Level
  Water Metering
  Water Tank Signal
  Pump Control
  Borehole Camera
  Volcano Metering